food of the world

The most disgusting dishes in the world

The world is full of fancy delicacies that not every gastronomic tourist will dare to put in his mouth. Moreover, among them there are many such dishes, the use of which is associated with a considerable risk to health and even life. We will tell you about the most disgusting-looking (but not always delicious) dishes […]



We decided to relax cheap and tasteful, then Turkey is waiting for you. Turkey has always been in great demand among tourists. Its nature, sense of lightness and unsurpassed beauty always leave only the best impressions. However, those who go to Turkey for the first time should know some nuances in advance. Explore hotels, resort […]



Italy is a unique country that combines a developed economy, tourist infrastructure, a favorable climate and monuments of ancient civilization. Italy is located on the Apennine Peninsula and is washed by the waters of the five seas, the coasts of which are a paradise for tourists. ClimateThe climate of Italy is determined by the length […]



If you’ve always dreamed of visiting a country full of adventure and controversy, you’ve probably been to Thailand before.The boundless sea sparkling in the sun; the beauty that conquers at first sight; the friendly and smiling local population will not leave anyone indifferent. Add to this the high service offered by “hotels in Thailand”, and […]

Dominican Republic

Dominicana is a tourist’s paradise

The history of the Dominican Republic dates back to 1493, when Christopher Columbus discovered the island of Haiti, where the Dominican Republic was later founded. (However, it was first declared an independent republic only in 1844). In 1496, the brother of the great navigator laid the foundation for the largest city, the capital of the […]


Six must-see places in London

The first and probably the most popular place is Big Ben. Very beautiful and picturesque place. You will not be able to pass by it, it is located in the center of the city. This famous tower is the main attraction of the city. It is definitely worth a visit for both a traveler with […]

South America

You need to visit Mexico.

If you want to relax while sipping a margarita at a resort on the Yucatan Peninsula, exploring ancient Aztec or Mayan ruins, taking a Spanish immersion course, or testing your limits by sampling a spicy taco from one of the city’s urban food carts, then you need to visit Mexico. A trip to Mexico gives […]

South America

Travel to Costa Rica

Do you want to give yourself and your family an exciting adventure in a tropical paradise? Consider a vacation in Costa Rica, at one of the most colorful resorts in this country in Manuel Antonio.Preparing a tour to a country with unspoilt nature will not take much time, but in order for the rest to […]

North America


The territory of Arizona is as ancient and huge as the Grand Canyon-the most famous attraction in the state. Arizona is a tapestry woven from a riot of colors and enchanting landscapes. The state is rich in stormy rivers, snow-capped mountains, pine forests, pristine lakes, sandy lake beaches and, of course, cacti, sun and deserts. […]