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Do you want to give yourself and your family an exciting adventure in a tropical paradise? Consider a vacation in Costa Rica, at one of the most colorful resorts in this country in Manuel Antonio.
Preparing a tour to a country with unspoilt nature will not take much time, but in order for the rest to be fruitful, you need to explore the local attractions via the Internet and make an individual program of your stay in the country. What adventures are waiting for tourists in this tropical country? What are the famous sights of Manuel Antonio?
The brightest attraction of this resort is the National Park of the same name – “Manuel Antonio”.

Here, tourists will enjoy an extraordinary walk through the tropical forest among the lush greenery, through mangroves and meet with rare animals: red-backed saimiri, Hoffman sloths, squirrel monkeys, bats, green and black spiny-tailed iguanas, imperial tamarins, rhinoceros, anteaters and capuchins. In addition, there are pelicans, hawks, parrots, toucans, woodpeckers.

In memory of visiting this exotic amazing park, you will have photos among the cedar thickets, next to the red Guasimo, rain tree, bright pictures among the snow-white sands of the beaches framed by the azure waters of the ocean. There are several beaches in the park: “Manuel Antonio”, “Playita”, “Southern Espadillo”, “Escondido”, all of them give a quiet rest and comfort. There is no burning sun in this country, the climate here is mild, sub-equatorial, with an average temperature of +26…+27 °C.

The most comfortable time to visit the resort of Manuel Antonio is the period from the end of December to April, in other months in this region of the country there are short rains. But even if you chose May or August for the voyage, “water from the sky” will not spoil your vacation. Diving enthusiasts, in order to get acquainted with the rich inland ocean world, will still have to choose the time from November to May, and not take risks in the low tourist season in pursuit of the saved ruble.

Among the extreme activities in the resort of Manuel Antonio, you will find surfing and excellent underwater fishing. Every avid fisherman dreams of sports fishing, and it is a sin not to take advantage of the unique offer of Costa Rica to become the owner of an enviable trophy and catch marlin, sailfish or yellow tuna. In addition to the excellent catch in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, tourists can enjoy the migration of whales and admire the dolphins playing.
For those who suddenly want to add to the treasury of impressions and diversify the already not boring vacation, the resort of Manuel Antonio offers sea kayaking, mountain biking, canoeing, outdoor activities and ecotourism. Adherents of educational recreation and connoisseurs of history and cultural monuments will be interested in the city church, public buildings of the beginning of the XX century and the municipal building.

While preparing your vacation in Manuel Antonio, take the time to choose your place of residence. The main mass of the resort’s hotels is 4 — star, they have excellent conditions for recreation. A modern online hotel booking system will help you to reserve a hotel room in advance to relax during the high season. And those who want to save even more on vacation, choose the rainy season for their vacation.

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