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You need to visit Mexico.

If you want to relax while sipping a margarita at a resort on the Yucatan Peninsula, exploring ancient Aztec or Mayan ruins, taking a Spanish immersion course, or testing your limits by sampling a spicy taco from one of the city’s urban food carts, then you need to visit Mexico.

A trip to Mexico gives every traveler an indelible memory. This far-reaching Latin American country is rich in history and culture, and its residents are proud and passionate about many things-from their traditions and festivals to their love of football.

While Mexico remains marked by significant economic inequality, the country appears to be making a recovery thanks to a recent call for action by its president to “rediscover the country’s amazing natural resources” and make Mexico a leading tourist destination.

Mexican urban society seems to be successfully promoting a cosmopolitan lifestyle in terms of food, entertainment, and education. As such, travel information for destinations across Mexico is widely available, and getting around the country is fairly easy by plane, bus, or car. But be careful, Federales is famous for its employees stopping foreign drivers and extorting a fee in exchange for not taking you to jail.


  • Cabo San Lucas. A popular holiday destination with beautiful beaches.
  • Chichen Itza. These famous Mayan ruins are considered one of the mysterious wonders of the world.
    • Oaxaca. Rich in culture, architecture, festivities and food. The state of Oaxaca and its capital have a lot to offer tourists.
    Tips and tricks
  • Learn some useful phrases in Spanish. Many people speak English in resort areas, but this is less likely in rural or small towns.
  • Do not drink tap water.

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