Dominican Republic

Dominicana is a tourist’s paradise

The history of the Dominican Republic dates back to 1493, when Christopher Columbus discovered the island of Haiti, where the Dominican Republic was later founded. (However, it was first declared an independent republic only in 1844). In 1496, the brother of the great navigator laid the foundation for the largest city, the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. Today, the population of the Dominican Republic exceeds 9 million people.
The official language and religion of the Dominican Republic were inherited from the Spaniards, who captured this state several times throughout its history, so 95% of the population are Catholics, but in addition to Spanish, English is also common in the Dominican Republic.
The currency of the Dominican Republic is the peso, equal to 100 centavos. The exchange rate of the Dominican peso against the dollar fluctuates at around 35-36 pesos per $1.

Location of the Dominican Republic on the world map
The geographical location of the Dominican Republic – on the map of Haiti in its eastern part. Surrounded by the warm Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the Dominican Republic has become a country that is the center of world tourism in our time.
The time in the Dominican Republic differs from Moscow time very significantly, since the time zone here is -4 GMT. In the summer, the time in the Dominican Republic is less than Moscow by 8 hours, in the winter – by 7. When planning a trip here, you need to lay down time for acclimatization after arrival.
When is the best time to go to the Dominican Republic
The tourist season in the Dominican Republic due to the climate (warm tropical) is open all year round, although a small change in the number of tourists due to the rainy season still occurs. Nevertheless, the flow of tourists never stops, and the tropical downpours that periodically occur here do not spoil the weather in the Dominican Republic in May, June, July, August and September do not become an obstacle to a good rest. In the dry season, the weather in the Dominican Republic in winter (in December, January, February, as well as in October, November, March and April) is optimal for buying tours to the resorts of this country.

The temperature of the water and air in the Dominican Republic is best suited for swimming: in the Caribbean Sea it is about 25-30°. In the Atlantic Ocean, the water temperature is slightly lower, and the wind on the northern coast of the resort is more noticeable. However, due to the geographical location in the Dominican Republic (access to the ocean), various sports that require a strong sea wave are developing very successfully.
In general, the weather in the Dominican Republic is warm, but not exhaustingly hot, as breezes from the sea bring a slight coolness.

Nature of the Dominican Republic
The tropical animals of the Dominican Republic, including representatives of marine fauna, will not interfere with your rest: swimming and sports, in particular, diving. The coral reef that protects the coast of the Dominican Republic from sharks serves as a natural barrier. Outside of it, it is recommended to swim and dive only for trained tourists, since dangerous marine life is quite common here and, in addition, there are quite strong currents.
However, the animals here are also a tourist attraction: from January to March, excursions are going to Samana Bay to see whales arriving in the Dominican Republic.

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