Langkawi Sky Bridge. Fear and admiration. An adrenaline-fueled walk across the bridge and incredible natural landscapes

A suspension bridge that offers a magnificent view of the nature of the island of Langkawi, the mountains, the jungle and the Andaman Sea.
Where is it?
Langkawi Sky Bridge is located on the border of Malaysia, located 440 km from Kuala Lumpur, in the western part of the island, almost 2 km from the sea. The island has its own airport, the distance to the favorite tourist destination is just over 10 km.

History of creation.
The construction of the landmark took one year, the bridge was opened to the public in February 2005. The delivery of the components to the mountains was carried out with the help of Russian helicopters. The structure is supported by a single support and eight steel cables attached to the pylon.
Characteristics and parameters.
The length of the bridge is 125 meters, which makes it a leader among suspension bridges around the world. The Sky Bridge project was designed by designer Peter Wyss.
The bridge has a curved shape, which allows visitors to enjoy the landscape charms from different angles. The height above sea level is 660 meters, and the distance to the ground is almost 100 meters. Below, you can enjoy views of the Ganung Mountain Gorge and the entire picturesque island.
The location and dimensions evoke both feelings of fear and delight. The sensations of flight and some weightlessness are sure to visit the guests of the sights. The width of the bridge reaches 1.8 meters, while the structure can withstand up to 250 visitors. The middle of the bridge has a partially glass floor, which adds to the effect and adrenaline when walking. At the edges are viewing platforms, some of the highest in the world. During strong winds, the bridge sways, causing even more trepidation among tourists.
The bridge is designed and executed with high safety requirements, but in bad weather it is closed to the public. A thunderstorm carries the danger of lightning hitting a metal structure.
Wild monkeys are often found, and you need to be prepared for this.

When to visit?
From December to April, there is usually a dry season, when the weather is conducive to walking on the bridge at any time. It is recommended to visit the bridge after 11 o’clock, when there are fewer visitors and tourist groups. In cloudy weather, the bridge is shrouded in clouds.
In good weather, you can enjoy stunning views of the neighboring islands of Thailand, rainforests, waterfalls, and clean sea beaches. Fascinating views of the sunset can not leave anyone indifferent.
Plan to visit outside of weekends or public holidays, and when there are no holidays at local schools, otherwise you will not avoid a huge queue. But even on such days, the flow of people decreases significantly in the evening.

How to get there?
The road to the main attraction of the island begins in the village of Oriental Village, from here there is a cable car consisting of two parts. Langkawi Sky Bridge is located at the top of the cable car station. From there, you can walk along the jungle trail, which takes about 10 minutes, or take an inclined elevator. Each option of the path is paid separately, as well as the entrance to the bridge itself. Please note that tickets are sold for a specific time. At the entrance to the cable car, you will have to deposit food and water. Light snacks, ice cream and drinks can be purchased upstairs. The operating mode of the cable car should be specified in advance, as it may be closed for maintenance.
There is no public transport on the island of Langkawi, you can get to the village of Oriental Village by renting a bike, car or using a taxi.
Distance to the village from:

  • The airport is about 12 km away
  • Telaga Terminal Pier about 3.5 km
  • Chenang Beach about 18 km
  • The city of Kuah is about 30 km away

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