If you’ve always dreamed of visiting a country full of adventure and controversy, you’ve probably been to Thailand before.
The boundless sea sparkling in the sun; the beauty that conquers at first sight; the friendly and smiling local population will not leave anyone indifferent. Add to this the high service offered by “hotels in Thailand”, and the local flavor of lively eastern markets and unique architectural structures, and the idea of “buying real estate in Thailand”has already come to your mind.

The country’s climate is tropical, characterized by high humidity and monsoons. The rainy season here lasts from May to October, but the rains, as a rule, do not have a prolonged character. The best time to relax in Thailand is winter, which lasts from November to February. The average temperature in the winter months is 25 degrees, in the summer months-35 degrees. The water temperature in the sea is kept at around 25 degrees.

Formerly known as Siam, Thailand received its present name in 1939. Thais are very proud of the fact that their country has never been conquered, despite the fact that both France and Great Britain have repeatedly made attempts to turn Thailand into their colony. Although the independence of Thailand was quite expensive: the three southern provinces, now part of Malaysia, were alienated in the interests of Great Britain.

Thailand has many cultural and historical monuments: the Heavenly Palace, the Phuket Fantasy Park, the royal Palace, the marble temple, the national Museum, the Mini Siam Miniature Park, the Golden Buddha statue, the Big Buddha Temple, the Temple of Dawn.

Life in Thailand is filled with holidays and festivals, which are bright events in the cultural life of the country. Thailand traditionally celebrates the festival of flowers, the festival of the first (royal) furrow, pineapple festival, vegetarian festival, Songran festival (Thai New Year), rocket festival, fruit fair, boat race, elephant show.
Types of real estate for sale
Today, the myth of “real estate in Thailand” as a small hut on the beach has already been debunked. Modern “real estate in Thailand” is a luxury “apartments in Thailand”, “apartments in Thailand” and exclusive “villas in Thailand” and “house in Thailand”. A feature of the “real estate in Thailand” market is the almost completely absent “sale of real estate in Thailand” from the owner. “Buying real estate in Thailand” is made mainly from the developer.
By purchasing “real estate in Thailand” you benefit, firstly, from the possibility of a comfortable holiday in Thailand; secondly, from the low “cost of real estate in Thailand”; thirdly, from obtaining additional income when renting out an object (“rental of real estate in Thailand”). Prices in Thailand (“real estate in Thailand prices”) are lower than in many resort countries, and the flow of tourists, continuing throughout the year due to the favorable climate, provides the opportunity to profit from the rental of real estate (“rental property in Thailand”).

“Sale of real estate in Thailand” is currently represented by three main branches: “real estate in Pattaya”, “real estate in Phuket” and “real estate in Koh Samui”. “Real estate in Pattaya”, one of the most popular resorts in the country, will appeal to windsurfers and paragliders. By purchasing “real estate on Pheket”, you will get the opportunity to explore the depths of the sea, because this is where divers from all over Southeast Asia gather for deep-sea diving. “Real estate in Koh Samui”, another popular island of Thailand, is represented mainly by one-and two-story “villas in Thailand” and “house in Thailand”, since the construction of high-rise buildings on the island is prohibited. Thanks to the rapid development of tourist infrastructure, the island is experiencing a construction boom, and prices for “Koh Samui real estate” have an annual increase of about 30%.

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