We decided to relax cheap and tasteful, then Turkey is waiting for you. Turkey has always been in great demand among tourists. Its nature, sense of lightness and unsurpassed beauty always leave only the best impressions. However, those who go to Turkey for the first time should know some nuances in advance. Explore hotels, resort bases, find out where you can eat well, cheaply and safely with the whole family, and also check out interesting sights of Turkey so that there is something to remember after your vacation. And in order not to go far, we will look at several popular places in Turkey, where tourists most often go.
So, what can you see in Turkey:

The modern capital of Turkey, Ankara, is rich in its rich history. And the most important sights are located in the oldest part of Ankara called-Ulus;

The unimaginably beautiful and large-scale city of Izmir is also rich in its sights. Here you can see the historically unique Konak Square and many interesting museums that are visited by many travelers;

If we talk about museums, then in Turkey there is a whole city-the Safranbolu Museum, which, by the way, is located very close to Ankara. Here grows a stunning plant saffron, which due to its unusual aroma is used in some recipes, and due to its ability to add an unusual color when added to some paints, is used to create colored carpet motifs;

Antalya is an incredibly popular resort city, where many people who have been here at least once dream of returning. It is also called the tourist golden mean of Turkey. Antalya is divided into certain resort areas. Here you can find a suitable resort for both a holiday with a fun company, and for a relaxing holiday with children. However, active recreation is often tiring, but local guides will help you dilute it with impressive excursions.

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