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The most disgusting dishes in the world

The world is full of fancy delicacies that not every gastronomic tourist will dare to put in his mouth. Moreover, among them there are many such dishes, the use of which is associated with a considerable risk to health and even life. We will tell you about the most disgusting-looking (but not always delicious) dishes today.

Kopalchen (Igunak)
And we will start with the famous Eskimo delicacy called igunak or kopalchen, which is very popular among the Nenets, Khants, Innuites and other northern peoples. Kopalchen – rotten meat of deer, seal or walrus (rarely whale or bird), which is fermented in a special way. The selected animal (most often a deer) is starved for several days, and then killed without damaging the skins, and the carcass is buried in a swamp, pressing down on top of stones and branches. After 2-3 months, the carcass is removed, cut into slices and consumed together with salt. This dish is not only disgusting, but also dangerous – an unprepared person can be poisoned to death with corpse poison.

Witcheti Hornbeam
Witcheti Hornbeam or edible moth is a delicacy that is eaten in many African countries. These are huge whitish larvae of local moths, which can be found inside tree branches. That is, it is not easy to get such a dish, which is why it can be considered a rare and expensive delicacy. It is eaten raw, but tourists who have ventured to try Witcheti Hornbeam, prefer to fry the larva before eating, which causes indignation of the aborigines, who believe that this is a real culinary blasphemy, negating all the special taste of the delicacy.

Kasu martsu
A vile cheese from Italy, which many have heard of, but few have tried. And, probably, this is for the best, because the use of Casu marzu can lead to serious health problems. It is not for nothing that the government of Sardinia, where the cheese comes from, has banned its sale and consumption. The cheese is brought to an extreme degree of fermentation – simply turn it into pus, in which larvae are born. Moreover, these creatures are able to jump to a height of 15-17 cm and easily injure the eye of a cheese gourmet. For this reason, it is recommended to wear special glasses before eating this cheese.

Centenary Egg
A popular snack in China, which is a rotten egg, usually swallows or quails, but sometimes other birds ‘ eggs are also used. It is prepared very simply, but for a long time: the selected egg is coated with a mixture of rice husks, salt, tea and clay, after which it is either buried in the ground or covered with an alkali solution for several months.

Tuna Eyeball
In Japan, they love to eat tuna, and the most unusual parts of the body of this very tasty and healthy food are eaten. Even the eyeballs, which are considered an exquisite delicacy. Those who have dared to taste it, declare that the apples are very similar in taste to squid.

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